If you want to watch a comedy show or a business show, then please watch Mayweather and McGregor. Everybody understands that my fight with Canelo is a true fight. It is a boxing fight and is about respect and sport."

Gennady "GGG" Golovkin

“It was the timing. I’ve always said I have very good timing. It is underestimated when you are outside the ring, but once you get inside the ring with me, I’m a step ahead.”

Mikey Garcia following his UD victory over Adrien Broner

“At this point f**k the press. They all against me. I’m ready to fight. I’m going to show everybody and I’m still that young, hungry animal and I’ll take over this sport of boxing…my main focus is just getting in the best shape I can so I can go f**k Mikey up. That’s it. It’s nothing personal. It’s the hurt business and I know he’s definitely trying to come hurt me, but I’m coming to f**k him up.”

Adrien Broner on his fight with Mikey Garcia