Author: Sibbie Miles

My name is Morgan miles, I’m 22 years old and everyone calls me Sibbie (which has been my nickname since I was young because I never liked my name growing up). I was Born, raised and currently reside in Norfolk Va, I am the original and only owner of SibbieBoxing on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. What made me want to make an account and join the boxing family on social media, was 1) me having been an amateur boxer myself for 5 years and counting and a boxing fan all my life I have nothing but love for the sport 2) where I live there aren't many people who watch boxing and if they do it’s usually only the big fights, and 3) I’ve always wanted a large audience of people to talk with about the sport. My dream since childhood was and currently is being a world champion boxer. If that is to never happen, I still want to be involved with boxing anyway that I can.