The Final YouTube Battle: KSI vs Logan Paul

If it was improbable the first time around as amateurs, it’s even more so now as pros. The debut of KSI and Logan Paul will take place this weekend. The boxing community seems to be split down the middle as to whether this is a pure joke or it will implore the casual sports fan to take an interest in the sweet science. Both YouTube stars have millions of followers, meaning if only 5% of those followers would join the boxing community, then its a win. Lets first take a look at how we got to where we are.

In 2018 KSI defeated a fellow YouTuber and immediately called out Logan Paul. Eddie Hearn has stated that neither come across as boxers but rather to compare it to the likes of the WWE. To be fair, both are selling it pretty well and have been throwing jabs back and forth. From the first time the two met on stage it has been an all out show. KSI showed up with a blonde wig and began a tirade at the Paul family, thus in turn began the feud. At the end of the day the first fight ended in a draw and both agreed to an immediate rematch.

Since then, it’s crazy to think that over 5 million views have taken place on the 40 Days documentary of the two. KSI is currently the underdog in Las Vegas but many think he will outlast Logan Paul. He even knocked his sparing partner out recently. However, how much can we actually read into all this training and preparation. KSI has even wowed some fans with his speed and use of his hands. But can the purist fan really be fooled by these antics from both stars. This match has one thing in mind across the board and that’s money.

While KSI is training his hand speed, Logan Paul is training with the one and only Shannon “The Cannon” Briggs, former 2x heavyweight champion. Why wouldn’t he want to get in on the attention. Both men have been interviewing and a few of these videos are attached above. At this point it seems almost like a never ending saga and there are only two ways out. One is boxing grows among the casual community or secondly, the boxing world is alienated as it try’s to build itself up in the US. It seems that the later of the two may be taking place.

One of the more fun things are the banter between two stars and the build up to their fight. Sometimes you get amazing work, insert Mayweather vs McGregor and their constant banter a few years back. Other times you have this. KSI brought a dog on stage to taunt the recent death of Logan Paul’s dog, while Paul took it a step farther and taunted KSI on abortions. These remarks sent the internet on fire and not in a good sense. This has turned into classless banter and November 9th cannot come soon enough. Hearn even stated this is not an event to continuously pursue but rather a one off to end a short saga.

Recently it has come out that only half of the 20,000 seat arena has been sold for this weekends fight. This is with boxing stars Billy Joe Saunders (28-0, 13KOs) and Devin Haney (23-0, 15KOs) fighting on the undercard. As a boxing fan I cannot fathom a title holder fighting as an undercard to two men’s pro debut. It’s unheard of in any sense. But here we are waiting for a rematch between two YouTube stars. It once again will be six rounds,consisting of three minutes each, and they will be wearing 10 ounce gloves.

The only thing left is to make it past this weekends fights. I promise this show will be over soon and it will have a victor. That victor, is purist boxing fans of the sweet science. As the final bell sounds Saturday night we will have finished the fight that is YouTube boxing and in turn exposed it to copious amounts of people who would have never seen the fight. If I must choose a winner, then I’ll get dicey and take the bigger man in Logan Paul landing a big shot to win. However, if this fight goes into round 5-6 the advantage clearly shifts to KSI. Good luck to all boxing fans this weekend and we will see you come Monday.

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