Up & Coming – The Journey From Amateur to Professional: Sean Mason

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At Eightcount.TV, we pride ourselves on being a platform that not only showcases the established and well known professional talent in the sport of boxing, but we also value our ability to shine the light on lesser known boxers, who are paying their dues in the hopes of one day being a professional boxing star. As such, we’ve launched Up & Coming – The Journey From Amateur to Professional, an editorial series in which our writers will shine the spotlight on young, up-and-coming boxing talent that is either still in the amateur ranks or has recently made the jump from amateur to professional. We hope our readers enjoy learning about tomorrow’s talent today and tracking their progress to stardom!

Boxing as with any sport has it’s main showman; the guys everyone knows, even the casual fan. But they weren’t always that person. They all start at the amateur level and among many other things, a journey. You don’t hear about all the struggles, pain, training sessions, and commitment it takes to say “this is what I want to do for a living.” One journey I have followed for a few years now is that of Sean “Untouchable” Mason (2-0, 2KOs). He made his pro debut on July 27, 2019 in the lightweight division. Sean is 19 years of age and boxes in the orthodox stance.

Sean was born and raised in Altamonte Springs, Florida and is currently managed by his mom Tamara Mason. They make up a solid duo but have had their ups and downs within the sport. Like any hungry, up-and-coming fighter, early mornings and late nights are table-stakes in the journey. Sean trains at his local gym and gives it his all with any session. If he isn’t inside the gym, then he’s outside putting in work – running, doing agility drills or other cardio exercises which come in handy when a fight goes into the later rounds.

There are many things involved when fighting at the amateur ranks, such as finding fights, traveling and promoting yourself. All of this, plus eating right, staying in shape and staying focused require a fighter to have balance in life. Sean also has to balance his school work, which his mother takes very seriously. Moreover, in the ring can be overwhelming for fighters in the amateurs, especially when a fighter backs out. It can be frustrating when a fighter gives his all, just to find out that his opponent won’t be showing up. This has happened more than once to Team Mason and that’s just in the short time I have known them.

Sean Mason sparring against a professional

Sean had to deal with judges scores that some may say were incorrect. Despite all of the challenges, Sean has never given up his desire to move to the next level. He spent his amateur days learning from a great team and corner and improved tremendously during those years.

Turning Professional

Sean was poised to make his professional debut in April 2019, but not unlike his amateur days, he was faced with yet another challenge. After all the preparation, the blood, sweat, and tears he was ready. However, his scheduled opponent backed out at the last minute, leaving him with no one to fight and delayed dream.

This only gave Sean more time to focus and prepare for his actual debut which took place on July 27th. He used all of his years of preparation to knock his opponent out in the first round using body shots. I cannot begin to imagine the feeling of raw emotion he had having his hand raised as the winner for the first time as pro. But I can say, it was well deserved and was truly proud of this accomplishment.

 Sean Mason’s professional debut vs. Tom Mills on July 27, 2019

Sean also uses his talents to help those that want to learn the sport of boxing and fitness for themselves. He takes time to show other fighters the basics on the heavy bag or a kid working on cardio on his own and they wanted to improve, but had no one to help them. Things like this come natural to Sean and it has helped build his character for when he steps into the ring. Sean motivates not only himself for fights but those around him. The sport of boxing can be crushing with politics and other issues, but someone like Sean has always used it as fuel for the fire, to propel his career forward.

Where is Sean now, you ask? Well once you he got a taste of victory at the professional level, then all he wanted was more. Days after his debut win, Sean was back in the gym preparing for his next fight date. He fought last night, September 21st against fellow Floridian, Wytama Faulk (1-8) in Saint Petersburg, Florida, and won by first round knockout.

With his recent success, it looks like Sean is headed in the right direction. I want to wish him luck in the rest of his career. Sometimes those that put in the most work are the least recognized. This is not one of those times. You may not know who Sean “Untouchable” Mason is now, but you will!

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