The Brooklyn Brawl: Heather Hardy vs Amanda Serrano

Undefeated WBO Featherweight Champ Heather “The Heat” Hardy (22-0, 4KOs) will meet the hard hitting Amanda “The Real Deal” Serrano (36-1-1, 27KOs) on Friday night at Madison Square Garden in New York City. They will also be fighting for theWBC Featherweight Interim Title. This fight ain’t just about titles, it’s for bragging rights, for Brooklyn pride!

Highlights from Heather Hardy vs Shelly Vincent 2

Heather Hardy won the WBO title by defeating Shelly Vincent (26-2, 1KOs), back in October of last year. Since then, she fought once in MMA under the Bellator banner. Her MMA record is (2-2, 1KOs) during her 2 year MMA career. What makes this fight even more interesting, is that these two have sparred in the past. Unlike many Serrano opponents, it was said that Hardy took Serrano’s power and came back for more. Out of all her opponents, boxing and MMA, Hardy admitted that Serrano has hit her the hardest. It takes a lot of courage getting in the ring with someone you know hits that hard. She’s ready for all that Serrano has to offer. There’s no doubt that Hardy is tough as nails and is going to put on a show Friday night. I hope to see it go back and forth all night, maybe even go the distance. Hardy is a big underdog, but that Brooklyn in her is going to push her to the brink, that blue collar, no quit stubbornness.

KO highlights, pure violence from Amanda Serrano

Amanda Serrano lives up to her nickname. She is “The Real Deal”. She is a seven weight world champion, fighting to get back the belt she held in 2016. She won the WBO Super Flyweight Title back in January against Eva “The Golden Baby” Voraberger (25-6, 11KOs), absolutely destroying her, and knocking her out in the first round. This hard hitting champ is going to bring the thunder on Friday night. Let’s hope Hardy brings the lightning.

Weigh-in and Faceoff

These Brooklyn rivals have big fan bases in New York. They should be the main event for this, but women’s boxing hasn’t made that big stride yet. They are the “co-main” event though. Both of these women have advocated for higher pay for female boxers. I agree that they should get paid more. I also understand why they don’t, at least not yet. Women like these two are paving the way for the future, attracting more eyes to the women’s boxing scene. They put their bodies and health on the line every fight, they should get paid accordingly for it. It’s just a matter of time.

For the record, there has been VADA testing done for this bout. It always comes into question in boxing. It comes into question even more so because Amanda Serrano throws absolute bombs in ring. I haven’t seen a woman rack up so many KOs since Ann Wolfe and Laila Ali. It’s rare in women’s boxing to see such raw power.

Will the Gerritsen Beach native, Heather Hardy, bring the heat? Will Amanda Serrano beat her into submission? Will it be an absolute barnburner? I hope so. We know Hardy is no stranger to slugfests. We’ve seen her heart and courage on display. Serrano is a different beast. I’m not saying Hardy can’t beat her, because anything can happen. Unlike most of Serrano’s opponents, Hardy is familiar with her rival, even if it was just sparring. She at least half knows what to expect. I do believe Serrano gets this done. She is the better boxer overall and has a deeper toolbox. The question is will the fight go the distance? I’m not sure. I do think it goes into the later rounds at least. My prediction: Serrano by late round TKO or Unanimous Decision.

You can see all the action on the DAZN app on Friday night. The main card will begin at 9:00pm ET. The undercard will begin at 7:00pm ET.

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