Rinse & Repeat: Andrew Cancio stops Machado Again; Who’s Next?

When Andrew Cancio (21-4-2, 15KOs) stopped Alberto Machado (21-2, 17 KOs) in February, many considered it a fluke win. It was one of the biggest upsets of the year and many found it inconceivable that Cancio, who still works a full time job, could knock out Machado who many considered to be one of the best 130 pound fighters in the world. Well, Cancio proved it was no fluke as he stopped Machado again last Friday, this time quicker, to retain his “regular” WBA 130 pound title. Machado opted to fight in range with Cancio once again, and was caught with a picture perfect body shot in the third round. Machado barely beat the count and the ref decided that he had seen enough.

With this win, Cancio cements his place as one of the best junior lightweights in the world and Machado’s stock takes a big hit. He has already said he plans to move up to the lightweight division. But what about Cancio ? After two life changing wins and a title to show for it, who should be next ? There are many possible options for him, lets take a look at a few.

Gervonta Davis

Gervonta Davis (21-0, 20 KOs) currently holds the “real” WBA 130 pound title and would be a logical next choice for Cancio next. Cancio currently holds the regular WBA title and will be looking to elevate his title to the “real” one. Davis currently has a fight coming up and should he get past him (like every single person who watches boxing does) Cancio is a very real possibility. There have been talks of Davis fighting IBF champion Tevin Farmer next but I would bet a fight with Cancio happens before that fight. It would be an interesting fight, with Cancio looking for yet another huge upset.

Tevin Farmer

Tevin Farmer (29-4-1, 6KOs) currently holds the IBF junior lightweight title and could be another big possibility for Cancio. Farmer fights on DAZN, the stream Cancio just fought on, which would make this fight even more of a possibility. An interesting angle here is if Farmer and Eddie Hearn really want to make the fight with Gervonta Davis happen, they might seek to capture the “regular” WBA title currently held by Cancio in order to try to force the fight through. A fight with Cancio on DAZN next , should he get a victory in his upcoming July fight, has a big chance of occurring.

Miguel Berchelt

Miguel Berchelt (36-1, 32KOs) currently holds the WBC junior lightweight title and could be another viable option for Cancio, although I believe this fight is the least likely to happen. Berchelt is coming of a recent win to Francisco Vargas and a fight with Cancio would present incentives for both fighters. Cancio would obviously have the opportunity to fight for a legitimate world title that would then set him up for unifications with the previously mentioned fighters, should he get the victory. On the other hand, Berchelt would have the opportunity to capture the “regular” WBA title that could possibly increase the chance of the long-awaited fight with Gervonta Davis of happening.

Final Thoughts

If I had to choose which fight is most likely to be next, it is Cancio-Farmer. As much talk as there is of Davis and Farmer fighting next, we’ve heard that story many times. I think both fights will fail to come to an agreement and Cancio-Farmer on DAZN is the fight we will get.

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