Is Gervonta Davis That Good?

We all know that Gervonta Davis is good, but can we put him in that elite status bucket now?

I, for one, wanted to see the Abner Mares fight to see if Davis is the real deal. But his dismantling of Hugo Ruiz inside a round was quite frightening. Ruiz was a last minute replacement (and you have to give him credit for taking the fight on such short notice) and after the first few minutes of the first round, you could see he wanted no part of Davis and his power.

Earlier this week, Leonard Ellerbe said that Davis is one of the hardest punchers in the game and many agree. He has the Mike Tyson-esque type of power and persona, a real ring bully with quick knockout power.

Davis broke Ruiz’s nose after the first minute of the first round

Many have been calling for Davis to fight Tevin Farmer which would be mouth watering to see. Two skillful fighters in their peak, one a slick defensive pugilist and the other a hard hitting beast. Will that fight happen? Who knows, but everyone would like to see Davis fight more often this year. He said he wanted at least three fights this year and we hope the next two are more competitive.

Moreover, his relationship with Floyd Mayweather seems to be mended, which should help him get the fights he wants. He is now Mayweather Promotions’ golden boy and soon to be money man and they need to do a better job of getting him promoting him and keeping him active. There were rumors today that Mayweather Promotions wants Davis back in the ring in April, this time in Japan to take on Japanese kickboxing star Tenshin Nasukawa, who was defeated by Floyd Mayweather on New Year’s Day. Not sure if this is actually true, but it seems like there is some plan to make Davis more mainstream now.

So is he the real deal? I certainly think he is. Every fight he has the conviction, the focus and the power to win. I don’t think anyone would beat him in the super featherweight division, and I would love to see him move up in weight class next year against some tougher opposition.

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