Adrien Broner can’t solve his own “Problem”

On Saturday, we saw Manny Pacquaio (61-7-2, 39 KOs) take on Adrien Broner (33-4-1, 24 KOs) which was a huge event not only for boxing but for sports worldwide. We had a legend and all time great Manny Pacquaio who isn’t half of what he used to be but still respected because of his speed, power and experience. With him being 40 years of age and having fought multiple wars in his career, a lot of fans expected a good fight between him facing and the younger Adrien Broner, a former four-time world champion in four different weight classes.

Well if anyone expected a close fight or an Adrien Broner win, we didn’t get close to that. It wasn’t because Adrien lacked the ability to win, it’s because he didn’t let his hands go. It was almost as if he didn’t even care to get the victory. From the opening bell, it was Manny Pacquiao standing in front of Adrien Broner, staying busy, and throwing combinations.

In the early rounds Broner had some successful counter punches that were very noticeable but he was satisfied with landing a single shot counter punches after getting hit with two or three punch combinations by Pacquiao. This cost Broner multiple rounds.

42% of Manny’s landed punches were body shots. He averaged 30.9 jabs thrown per round versus Broner. Pacquiao threw an average of 47.3 punches per round by Pacquiao, compared to Broner’s 24.6, almost double the output. Broner only landed an abysmal 50 punches over the 12 round bout (an average of 4.1 punches landed per round).

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For Adrien Broner, the accuracy and the speed was there; however, he never hurt Pacquaio. He didn’t throw combinations and rarely went to the body (landed only 2 body punches the entire fight). He didn’t many throw jabs. It seemed as if Adrien Broner’s game plan was to land the straight right hand (which works against southpaws – especially those named Manny Pacquiao) and hope to hurt Pacquiao.

Although Pacquaio looked his age at times, he was able to do enough to get the job done. Pacquaio was very patient, he timed his shots well and he kept Broner on his back foot. The veteran also showed the boxing world that his power is still something that he possesses. There was a point in the fight where he landed a flurry of punches on Adrien Broner in round seven that wobbled the Broner for a minute. When Pacquiao noticed, he picked up the pace to tried and finish him. Once again in the middle of the ninth round, Adrien Broner was trying to throw a wide left hook and Pacquaio hurt him with a veteran move – Pacquaio threw a lazy jab to set the shot up, tucked his head to stay out of the way of Broner’s hook and caught him perfectly on the chin with a powerful left that knocked Adrien Broner off balance and caused Broner to not let his hands go the remainder of the round.

After controlling the fight, helped in part by Broner not doing much offensively, Manny Pacquaio was declared the winner by unanimous decision. While Manny was humble in victory, Adrien Broner didn’t take the loss too well and felt as if he had in fact won.

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What did we learn about Manny Pacquaio?

This was NOT his last fight. He still has more to give to the sport before hanging it up.

Age has effected him. His style is completely different with him being much older. His days fighting against elite level competition may be over.

The punching power is still there and needs to be respected by all of his future opponents

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What did we learn about Adrien Broner?

– It’ll take a while for fans take him seriously again. It may never happen, but we should still hope that it does.

He needs some tune up fights. His last 3 fights were against champions or former champions and he has a record of 0-2-1 against them.

He needs to move down in weight. 147 was always a huge risk for Broner. Not only is he usually the smaller fighter, but the fighters in that weight class are all elite level fighters who pose a huge threat to someone like Adrien.

He needs to stay in the gym year round, and take his career seriously before it’s all over. A lot of people say his career is over now but Broner is only 29 and with him having accomplished so much in his career thus far, he can still accomplish more with the right mindset. He just needs to make a complete turnaround right now !!!

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