Exciting Fight or Mismatch?

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Well first, I actually think this will be a great fight and don’t anticipate it going the distance.

Former welterweight titleholder Amir Khan

Amir Khan, who teased the public about a potential dustup with fellow UK rival fighter Kell Brook for months, pulled a U-turn and took the opportunity to fight pound-for-pound favorite Terrence Crawford. You cannot blame Khan as he is taking on a bigger challenge and also fighting for a world title. However, many fans, especially those from UK, believe he may be ducking Kell Brook. I, in particular, am in agreement with Khan’s decision to opt for this fight for a few reasons: 

  • Khan is actually the bigger fighter – his reach and speed will be crucial for him to have a shot at winning.
  • Khan is undefeated at 147 pounds – it’s his preferred weight and one at which he has actually looked pretty good.
  • I believe Khan is quicker than Crawford, but his movement and staying out of the pocket will be key in winning rounds.
  • Crawford hasn’t faced elite competition…not saying Khan is in the elite bracket, but he certainly is the most skilled fighter Crawford is facing that also has speed and movement
  • Punching Power: Is Crawford really a power puncher? One of Khan’s downfalls is that he fights power punchers and in turn gets KO’d (Danny Garcia, Canelo are the two most obvious ones). Does he have knockout power at 147 especially against somebody who is naturally bigger than him?
Crawford with a late KO over Jose Benavidez in his last outing at 147 pounds.
  • Age: Both are similar ages, only a year apart so there is nothing there that should give one fighter the edge over the other.

Personally, I am rooting for the underdog here and hope we see the old, exciting Khan of the past – the exciting young gun who has it all apart from a good chin and defense. Given what he has been through it would be a fairy tale ending to his career which seems to be winding down slowly but surely.

Don’t get me wrong, Crawford is an exceptional athlete and rightfully so one of the best pound-for-pound boxers. But, this is a real test for him and after this fight we will know if he is the real deal and on the same level as the likes of Errol Spence Jr.

However, realistically many doubt that Crawford will lose as he has emerged as the heavy favorite based on the Vegas betting lines. Let’s hope its a fight to remember and one in which will see a victor emerge as a serious contender in the welterweight pound-for-pound rankings.

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