Caleb Plant will dominate the super middleweight division – Here’s why…

On Sunday night we witnessed newly crowned and undefeated IBF super middleweight champion Caleb “Sweethands” Plant (18-0, 10 KOs) take on Jose Uzcategui (28-3, 23 KOs) in what was for the most part a one-sided Boxing lesson

Caleb Plant came in as the fighter with so many unanswered questions for the fans who wondered if he could hurt Jose. Could he keep Jose from pressuring him around the ring? Could he last 12 rounds with Uzcategui? After Plant’s his performance on Sunday night, those questions were answered!

From the opening bell, Uzcategui brought the pressure as expected, and Plant didn’t fold one bit. Plant used a consistent jab, didn’t show Jose any respect when they were on the inside, took away a lot of his power shots early on and used movement in the ring to his advantage as well.

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In the second round Caleb plant scored a knockdown that was more so due to Jose being off balance; however, it was enough to give Plant a lot of momentum early in the fight. Then again in the middle of Round 4, during and exchange with Plant on the ropes both Plant and Jose traded hooks, with Plant landing the more accurate one and scoring another knockdown in a fight where he was already ahead four rounds to zero on the judges scorecards.

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After the second knockdown by Caleb Plant not much changed in the fight until the ninth round (Caleb plant won no less then 7 of the first 8 and maybe won all 8). Caleb plant started to fade slowly. He was dropping his hands, his punch output decreased, he was bruised and breathing heavy. Conversely, Jose who was losing but given his experience in twelve round fights, he was more than capable of landing power shots and walking Plant down. At one point, he even hurt Plant.

While Jose was down significantly on the scorecards his only option was to score a knockout or multiple knockdowns, With Plant being fatigued and Jose looking fresh towards the end of the fight, everyone expected Jose to let his hands go and break Plant down until he could no longer continue but he was never was able to summon the energy to mount an attack that endangered Plant.

Although the fight switched from Plant dominating the first  eight rounds to Jose gaining control during the final four that wasn’t enough for Jose to get the win. To beat the champion you have to do it in dominant fashion and Caleb Plant did just.

How did I score it ? 116-110 for Caleb Plant

What did we learn from Caleb Plant?

  • Caleb plant is worthy of being a world champion.
  • Although he was fatigued late in the fight, Plant can go the distance.
  • Caleb Plant can talk-the-talk and walk-the-walk. He did a lot of trash talking leading up to the fight and backed up everything he said.
  • Plant has a chin!! He took some shots that would make you think he would have gone down or been wobbled. However, he fought through it all and kept going.
  • He has more power then originally thought. It was thought that Plant had superior boxing skills, but lacked punching power. After sending Uzcategui to the canvas twice, any doubts about Plant’s power were removed

So what’s next?

Perhaps Anthony Dirrell, who was one of the commentators during the fight. 

Future matchups that are interesting to see?

With Caleb Plant now being a world champion, it’s time to see him fight the  best in the super middleweight division. Hopefully we see Plant meet Callum Smith, David Benavidez, and/or Gilberto Ramirez in the future.

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