A tough night for the Charlo brothers

Was Jermell Charlo robbed?

Last night was the final card of 2018 as we saw both Charlo twins headline their first Premier Boxing event at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY. Starting off with the co-main, we saw the younger brother Jermell Charlo (31-1, 15 KOs) defend his WBC junior middleweight title Tony Harrison (28-2, 21 KOs).

For boxings fans familiar with both Jermell Charlo and Tony Harrison this fight was a chess match from beginning to the end. From the start Charlo was eager to get the KO as expected. The champion came out in the first round with a consistent sharp jab, finding opening’s with his power shots, putting his power on display early. In the early rounds it seemed as if Harrison was a bit cautious, his jab was non-existent and he relied on Charlo to come in with reckless power shots so he could capitalize off of iwith his sharp counter punching.Charlo had much success in the early rounds, dictating the pace while keeping Harrison on his back foot for most of the early rounds. Although Charlo was the aggressor, bringing the action to Harrison, he did start to get reckless, looking to land power shots only. That’s when Harrison started to succeed. Once Harrison noticed flaws in Jermell Charlo’s offense, and he started landing very noticeable counterpunches which caught the attention of onlookers early on. Although Harrison was landing big counters he was still losing most of the early rounds as a result of limited activity. He spent most of him time trying to bait Charlo in. It took quite a while but once Charlo got settled in and despite a slow start by Tony Harrison, he started firing beautiful counter combinations at the champion, knocking him off balance, frustrating him, pleasing the crowd, and convincingly taking some of the middle rounds.After having such a successful run in the middle rounds, Harrison’s pace started to slow down while Charlo still maintained the same aggressive pace as he did early on. As it got closer to the championship rounds Charlo started landing most of the shots he was missing, keeping his distance and overpowering the fatigued Harrison.As Harrison’s stamina was decreasing, Charlo started to turn the tempo up and while doing that he seemed to hurt Harrison on more then one occasion in the later rounds. Once the fight was over it seemed as if Charlo had the win in the bag (well at least to most people), but instead, the judges called it in favor of Tony Harrison 116-112, and 115-113 x2. After the shocking result, Harrison said in the post-fight interview that he has respect for Charlo for giving him the opportunity and would be more then happy to give him a rematch.

Was Charlo robbed?

Eh, I scored the fight 116-112 in favor for Charlo but it was a close fight. I’m not one to call close fights robberies so i would say no robbery but I definitely disagree with the decision.

Jermall retains his WBC title, but performance less than impressive…

In the main event we got to see the older twin Jermall charlo (28-0, 21 KO/) take on late replacement Matvey Korobov (28-2, 14 KOs) After seeing what some people thought was the wrong decision in the co-main event you has to think it was on Jermall’s mind during his fight? You could see in the early rounds he seemed a bit distracted. He got countered with a lot of left hands by Korobov and was definitely down on the scorecards in the early rounds. It seemed as if he was making the same mistake his brother made – being too eager to get the knockout. I’m the mid to late rounds he djusted a bit and got comfortable.

Charlo started finding his openings and landing big shots to take a majority of the mid and late rounds. Even when comfortable Jermall was still getting countered all night by Korobov and needed a convincing final round to pull out the victory. At a critic point in the fight Charlo landed a big left hook which staggered his opponent and put him in survival mode for the remainder of the twelfth round. Charlo left with the UD victory (116-112 x2 and 119-108)

With these two performances, what did we learn about Jermell and Jermall Charlo to wrap up 2018?

  • We learned that Jermell Charlo’s biggest flaw is that he becomes reckless when applying pressure and is open to counterpunches.
  • We won’t be getting Charlo vs Hurd as soon as we want/thought we would.
  • Jermall is NOT ready for Canelo or GGG right now although those are the fights he wants most with him being the mandatory challenger for so long.
  • Jermall struggles against southpaws as he also struggled against Austin Trout previously.
  • Tony Harrison will finally get the respect he ALWAYS deserved.
  • We most likely will get an immediate rematch between Charlo and Harrison in early 2019.
  • With Jermall not looking as impressive as he has in previous fights, he MIGHT just get a big fight that he really wants now that he looks very beatable in a competitive middleweight division.

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