Wilder Exposed?

What a fight we witnessed last night!!!

Credit goes to both fighters for building up this event and putting on a spectacle in front of a sold out Staples Center.

We had Tyson Fury winning the fight. He out-boxed Wilder and was very active even though he was floored twice and miraculously got back up after the second knock down. We didn’t see vintage Fury, but for someone who has been out of the ring for over two years to come back and fight a championship fighter of Wilder’s level, showed that he still has it. His orthodox style will pose problems for any fighter. To be able to move like he did at his weight and height is remarkable. If it had not been for the two knockdowns, the judges probably would have scored the fight as a win for Fury.

Most observers at ringside and at home had Fury winning. Even Floyd Mayweather who was sitting ringside had Fury winning the first five rounds and complemented his activity in the ring.

Image result for floyd mayweather at fury wilder fightWilder looked lost in the fight. He was looking for that one punch and nearly got it, but he never had a Plan B. We know he is an incredible athlete, but he never possessed the great skill-set of an elite fighter. His 39 KO’s came from lesser opposition and his toughest fight came against a 39 year old overweight Luis Ortiz. What would have happened if Fury had more time to prepare for this fight or even a few more warmups? Would Wilder have been exposed further?

Image result for floyd mayweather at fury wilder fightI respect Wilder and the person that he is, but I’ve never really seen him as an elite fighter. In my opinion, Joshua and Fury are the best heavyweights in the division after this showing. If Wilder was to do a rematch with Fury, I see Fury winning it more convincingly. On the other hand, if Wilder were to fight Anthony Joshua, I see Joshua stopping him early.

Wilder has options, but most heavyweights who can box well will probably fancy their chances against him.

I hope there is a rematch with Fury so we can witness this fight again.

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