The Most Feared Man in Boxing?

Forget Anthony Joshua, forget Gennady Golovkin…Errol Spence is becoming the most feared man in boxing these days. The young assassin is growing his fanbase, beating credible opponents and doing it in dominant fashion.

Everybody in the boxing circle knew that Errol Spence is a force to reckon with and that he would go on to accomplish great things in this division and in boxing, but wow, he made a big statement this past week.
Many thought that this fight would be close. Both fighters have similar styles, aggression and movement but Spence was just brutal in there. A truly savage performance and he made a statement to the boxing world.
Since then he quoted many fighters of ducking him, namely Keith Thurman who is the other title holder in the division. Since that fight, Thurman was heard saying during an interview that he will not fight Spence this year…is he scared and should he really be called ‘some-time’ as Spence alluded to?
Here at, we’ve outlined some good potential fights for Spence’s next outing:
1) Danny Garcia
Assuming he comes of victorious against Brandon Rios, this will be a good matchup. Both hard hitters with good chins. Spence will dominate Garica in my opinion but the truth questions remains…will Garcia even want to be in the ring with a younger, stronger champion like Spence?
2) Adrien Broner
Adrien Broner has a lot to prove. He’s promising an exciting year ahead and even changed trainers which is good to see and will hopefully help spearhead his career in the right direction again. Broner is still a big name in the sport and gives it his all, but he also needs to see off Omar Figueroa first which will be an intriguing fight as well.
3) Lucas Matthysse
This seems very likely. Matthysse is fighting undefeated Tewa Kiram this weekend and a win will get him back in the mix and potential to setup a fight with Spence. Matthysse is a known name and hard hitter so he has credibility and this could be a compelling fight if the opportunity arises. I don’t see how he will be beat Spence though but it adds another solid competitor to his resume.
4) Terrance Crawford
This is the big one. Apart from Keith Thurman, Terrance Crawford is the other big name that has recently entered the division and one which many are speculating will also dominate the division. In our opinion, both Spence and Crawford will emerge as the top two in this division, with Thurman likely facing lesser competition this year to retain his belts. This is the dream and ultimate fight the fans want to see and one which will take time to build up and materialize.
The question is…do these guys really want to fight Spence? Spence is proving to be the ‘GGG’ of the welterweight division and a fighter that many are trying to avoid. Lets hope we see some good competition in there with him and an exciting year ahead for The Truth.
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