Amir Khan’s 2018 Comeback?

Whats going on with Amir Khan these days?

Once an contender for top pound for pound fighter, but now irrelevant and more of a drama show queen.

Amir Khan was once setup for super stardom. With his incredible speed, exciting fights and star power, he had it all. But then fame kicked in and so did his extravagant lifestyle and also personal problems.

Khan has been inactive for over a year now since his last defeat to Canelo Alvarez and has also experienced problems outside of the ring as well. Constant drama with his wife, allegations of Anthony Joshua having an affair with her, and also a string of conflicts within his own team has seen Khan out of the boxing spot light.

A string of failed attempts at fighting Floyd Mayweather and recently Manny Pacquiao, Khan has not been successful in landing that dream money fight he has been desiring for. So what is next for the former Olympic gold medalist?

Khan recently went on the UK reality TV show, ‘I’m a celebrity, get me out of here’ and had mixed reviews. He was seen a classy and likable person but also some of the things he spoke about had others questioning his knowledge. However, he is known to be the celebrity that made the most money on this show ever, approx $400k, and out of generosity donated the entire amount to charity which was a very admirable gesture.

Anyways back to boxing…what is in line for Khan in 2018?  Part of the reason he participated in this show was actually two fold, one to get the public liking him again and also keep him relevant but also get him back to shape as he wants to compete back at his normal weight of 147 pounds.

Apparently there are three fights in line for Khan next year, a tune up in March and then tow bigger but winnable fights in the summer and then at the end of the year.

Here at Eightcount.tv, we take a look at some of the competitors that would bode well against Khan:

Tune Up:

  1. Brandon Rios: this would have been a good fight for Khan but looks like Danny Garcia beat him to it and has an agreement in place to fight Rios in February.
  2. Adrien Broner: I know this is under the tune up list, but lets be real, Broner is not elite and cannot do anything at 147 – in my opinion Khan would run circles around him and pick him apart with his speed.

Bigger Fights:

  1. Danny Garcia: The eluded rematch that Khan always wanted. Personally I would love to see this fight as I believe Khan was unlucky at their first bout and deserved a rematch
  2. Kell Brook:  a talked about fight for a while but with Brook moving up weight, this will likely never happen now unless Brook comes down to 147
  3. Manny Pacquiao: a fight that was nearly finalized this year but fell apart due to lack of investment  – this would be a good money fight for Khan and one he would be favored to win given Pacquiao’s recent decline

Long Shot:

  1. Keith Thurman: the man at the welterweight division at the moment but would he stand a chance against One Time? This would be a tough fight for Khan
  2. Shawn Porter: another heavy hitter but bigger name in the division, Porter will pose too many problems for Khan although I feel Porter is not very skilled

Whatever happens, I’m pumped to see Khan get back into the ring and competing again at this level, let’s hope he as a successful 2018.

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