Conor McGregor: The Aftermath

Its been a few days since the most talked about fight of the year went down. We all predicted this was going to be a one-sided affair and that Conor McGregor would not have the skill set to last in there with a fighter of Mayweather’s caliber, and we were all right. He didn’t.

After a bright start, McGregor gassed out as we had earlier predicted, and became an easy target allowing Mayweather to finish him off. Our prediction of Mayweather winning the fight on decision, 10 rounds to 2 was close, we gave McGregor the first two rounds after that it was all Mayweather.

McGregor looked uncomfortable in the ring. He didn’t really throw any meaningful shots or combinations, he looked flat footed and he was all over the place after the 6th round. To his credit, he did land more punches than Manny Pacquiao when Pacquiao fought Mayweather over the same 10-round span.

Mayweather also showed his age. His precision was not on par per usual, as he consistently missing combos and power punches. But, he did make his usual adjustments and got back in the groove of things after the first three rounds.


“I was just a little fatigued. He was just a lot more composed with his shots”, said McGregor. When you’re in here in the squared circle, everything is different. Let the man put me down, that’s fatigue, that’s not damage. Where was the final two rounds? Let me walk back to my corner and compose myself.”

What I fail to understand is why McGregor gassed out so quickly given the training camp and rigorous fitness routine he employed. He talked about being the new face of boxing and talked a lot of smack, but in reality he knew he was out of his element and any active welterweight in the game would make easy work of McGregor.

So what does this say of McGregor and the UFC? How can the UFC’s top fighter be judged as an elite athlete if he can’t control his stamina and even give a competitive fight to a forty year old fighter (albeit one of the best fighters ever)?


Given the amount of money he made, does McGregor continue to make small seven figure purses in the UFC or does he polish up his boxing game and plan to be competitive in that sport. The story line is there for a potential fight with Paulie Malinaggi. However, would anybody want to actually see that fight or would it be another ploy for a quick money grab?


It looks like McGregor won’t be in the ring for at least another year but I’m sure Dana White has contractual ties to get him in as soon as possible to help salvage his reputation and get him back to his winning ways.

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