Keys to Victory: Conor McGregor

It’s fight week and the highly anticipated fight that nobody thought would happen is only a few days away. All the drama, hype and trash talk will come to an end this weekend as the two biggest names in combat sports square off.

We take a look at Conor McGregor and how he can pull off an upset in this showdown. To say the least, he looks to be in great shape and has been in beast mode during training camp. But does he have what it takes to dethrone the pound for pound boxing king, Floyd Mayweather?

These are the keys to victory for Conor McGregor:

1) Be smart and pick his spots:

We all know if Conor is going to win this fight, he has to do it early. If this fight goes the distance then Floyd will pick him apart and out box him like he does with all this other opponents.

Conor needs to pick his spots to be active instead of being too rash from the opening bell. He needs to be passive aggressive and be smart early on so he can save his energy for the latter part of the fight if it goes that way. In his previous fights that went the distance, Connor is known for tiring and if this is evident against Floyd, he will be punished for it.

2) Use the jab and stay active:

Conor is also known as a counter puncher, but Floyd is probably the best counter puncher in the boxing and trying to beat Floyd at his own game isn’t going to work. Connor needs to be active, just like Maidana was in his first fight against Mayweather and use his jab effectively. Floyd isn’t as young and quick as he used to be, so he needs to throw more effective punches than Floyd if he is going to win rounds. Maidana again demonstrated this early on by throwing more punches than Floyd but then his output slowed down during the second half of the fight.

Mayweather and McGregor Pre-Fight Trash Talk

3) Protect the body

Given his natural stance in UFC, Conor leaves the body open. Doing that against somebody like Mayweather could be costly. Mayweather’s signature jab is to the body and he will consistently throw his jab to tire out McGregor.

4) Don’t try to outbox the boxer

Everybody who thought they boxed well or had better punching power than Floyd thought they could knock him out. However, the only person who had the slightest of chances to do that was Shane Mosley and he came up short. Mayweather has fought bigger fighters and harder punches since then and still was not even close to being beaten. Conor has been saying all week that he is going to knock out Mayweather and box his head off. If he tries this strategy and it doesn’t work, he will get frustrated and then Floyd will pick him apart.


5) Use speed and footwork

Something Mayweather did well when we was younger was to use his footwork and speed effectively. We haven’t seen Floyd do this in his last few fights. He himself has admitted that he is not the same fighter as he was even two years ago when he last stepped in the ring  to face Andre Berto. So, this is where Conor can use his strength and take his time to pick his shots appropriately.

6) Use size to bully Mayweather

Conor is naturally the bigger fighter and has claimed that he will come into the ring closer to 170 pounds, which is about 15 pounds over than the 154 pound middleweight limit. He needs to use his size to his advantage and bully Mayweather. Not by doing anything dirty in the ring, but rather, by showing that he is stronger and doesn’t get hurt by any of Mayweather’s power punches.

7) Focus

Usually fighters say they plan to go into the ring and enjoy themselves. I would say the opposite for Conor. This is his biggest fight EVER. He cannot lose any ounce of concentration and must be prepared to adjust with multiple game plans. McGregor needs to use his unorthodox style to confuse Mayweather but must not underestimate his opponent.

What strategy and plan will Conor McGregor have when he steps in the ring on Saturday night? Whatever it is, he is going to have to have the fight of his life if he is going to pull off this upset!

Our prediction: Floyd by decision, 10-2 rounds. Let us know what you think, share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

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