Does McGregor Have a Chance?

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After watching all of the press conferences and the Showtime All-Access shows, the causal fan must be hyped up at the fact that two of the best fighters in combat sports are fighting each other. However, is this an actual fight and is this something that all hardcore boxing fans think will be an easy nights work for Mayweather?

Mayweather is 40 years old now and he doesn’t move like he did before. He admitted that he needs to go toe-to-toe with McGregor and but he can’t move like he did before. Would Mayweather actually take this fight if he thought there is a a slight chance that he would lose? I don’t think so… He knows he is far superior in terms of skill set and experience and that this will be a tough night for McGregor. However, McGregor is not taking this fight lightly and is training like a mad man. Is he going to pull an upset and shock the world or is this just a big hype job where both fighters are approaching this as just another big pay day?

Recent pictures showcasing McGregor’s sparring with Paulie Malignaggi have caught the limelight. In one picture McGregor has his hands behind his back and in another he has supposedly floored Malignaggi. Malignaggi’s camp were furious about the pciture and admits that they had been setup, which according to sources seems more believable than McGregor’s story. Besides, how can sparing with Paulie Malignaggi even compare or prepare somebody for the greatest fighter of our era. Paulie at best was a low B-level fighter and had been out classed by any tough competitor he fought. So even if McGregor did outbox and floor an older Malignaggi, who has been retired for a while now, why would that give him any hope that he can beat Floyd Mayweather. Furthermore, every other boxer who has previously sparred with McGregor has also said that his boxing style, power and talent are not as impressive as the public believes it to be.

The Showtime All-Access shows so far have been interesting, all portraying Mayweather as selfless and not in the gym all the time while showing McGregor working 24/7 (no pun intended). But history and reality shows that this show has always showcased Floyd as such. Truth be told, Mayweather is training three times a day, harder than McGregor and getting back into the groove of sparring top welterweights. Apparently, Adrien Broner is in Vegas this week as a sparring partner, to help Mayweather prepare for the fight.

Every boxing star, personality and reporter does not give McGregor a chance and given the recent hype of the press tours and the All-Access shows, there is still nothing that indicates he can pull off a major upset. However, as much of a circus as this may be, millions will still tune in to watch this event. Check back here at for the lead up to the fight and other opinionated topics within the boxing space.

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