Keys to Victory: Mikey Garcia

After an almost two year hiatus from the ring, Mikey Garcia has come back in impressive fashion, scoring consecutive TKO and KO victories, stopping both opponents before the midway point of the fight. At 36-0, with 30 KOs, Mikey Garcia is quickly moving up the best pound-for-pound list. With a convincing victory over Adrien Broner, it’ll be tough for us to keep Mikey off the list.


Here are Eightcount’s keys to victory for Mikey Garcia:

  • Make it a boxing match¬†

While Adrien Broner may be the more talented fighter, Mikey is the superior boxer and he has to use this fact to his advantage. Garcia has to use his jab to set up his power punches as he did against Elio Rojas and Dejan Zlaticanin. In the Zlaticanin fight, Garcia started fast and worked the jab constantly to keep him at bay. Garcia averaged 41.7 attempted jabs and 10.4 connects per round. Furthermore, Mikey has great footwork and pivoting skills, allowing him to fight on angles and to throw punches when his opponent least expects it.

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  • Did we say use his punching power?

It’s no secret that Mikey Garcia possesses punching power. In his return fight after the two year hiatus, against Elio Rojas, Garcia threw more power punches than he did jabs (76 power punches and 50 jabs) and landed 50% of his power punches. He ended the fight against Zlaticanin in the third round with a vicious uppercut followed by a right hook to Zlaticanin’s jaw, leaving him unconscious in the ring for several minutes. If Garcia can work off of his jab and land some clean power shots on Adrien Broner this fight won’t go the distance.

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  • Exhibit Patience

Slow the fight down and be patient. Adrien Broner is a great counter puncher, so Mikey doesn’t want to fight too fast and expose himself to Broner’s counterattack. If Mikey can determine the pace and range of the fight, he’ll control how the fight goes. He should expect Adrien Broner to come out slow and not throw combinations. This works in Garcia’s favor as it will allow him to set up his combinations and fire away. Furthermore, given Adrien’s tendency to fight laterally, Mikey Garcia should have plenty of opportunities to set up some bruising combinations behind his jab.

Tune in 9pm on Showtime Boxing to see the Adrien Broner vs. Mikey Garcia.

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