Keys to Victory: Adrien Broner

On Saturday night, Adrien Broner will face his toughest challenge yet – undefeated super lightweight, Mikey Garcia, who is coming off back-to-back KOs. Broner is a +185 underdog according to Las Vegas but he is confident that tomorrow night he will be victorious.

A champion in four weight classes and former Floyd Mayweather protege, Broner (33-2, 24 KOs) once seemed capable of unlimited heights. But then came a pair of losses, a couple other lethargic performances and legal trouble that left his commitment to the sport in question.

Well after weighing in at 138.75lbs, 1.25lbs below the 140lbs weight limit, Broner is undoubtedly ready physically for this fight. However, when it steps into the squared circle, it’s going to take more than physique to beat Garcia.

Here are’s keys to victory for Adrien Broner:

  • Punches in Bunches

Adrien Broner has to throw combinations to keep Mikey Garcia honest. Broner falls into the habit of throwing isolated punches which land on average at greater than 30%, but it’s not enough to knock a fighter out. Moreover, he seems to admire his own work when he lands one or two punches, but he doesn’t string together many 3+ punch combinations. With his hand speed and accuracy this is Broner’s greatest weapon. In Broner’s last fight against Adrien Granados, Broner was outpunched by 28 punches per round, with Granados throwing 68.3 punches per round to Broner’s 40.3 punches per round on average. His fight before that against Ashley Theophane, Broner was out punched 62.2 to 44.4 per round.

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  • Continuous Movement

Adrien Broner has to stick and move in this fight. Mikey Garcia possesses a lot of power. Standing toe-to-toe with Garcia would not be a wise decision for Adrien. While Adrien is typically the bigger fighter, this fight is different. Garcia weighed in at 130.5lbs, a career-high, and he will probably hydrate up to be the larger fighter. Broner has to avoid Garcia’s power. If Garcia is able to set his feet, fight the range and put together combinations, then Broner is going to be in for a long night.

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  • Balanced Offensive Attack and Defensive Awareness

Adrien has to take the fight to Mike Garcia and dictate the range and tone of the fight. He has to box and not let his ego get in the way, turning this fight into a brawl. He has to increase his punch output while maintaining awareness on defense. Despite landing more punches than his opponent in his last fight (166 punches landed for Broner vs. 146 punches landed for Granados), he landed fewer punches in his fight against Theophane (167 punches landed for Theophane vs. 128 punches landed for Broner). Broner has to be smart this fight on defense and be sure to leverage his blistering hand speed to counterpunch Mike Garcia if he wants to have any hope of winning.

Tune in 9pm on Showtime Boxing to see the Adrien Broner vs. Mikey Garcia.

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