Mikey Garcia will stop Adrien Broner

Yes, you read that right. Mikey Garcia will stop Adrien Broner. Here are 5 reasons why?

1. Mikey Garcia hits hard. Garcia is 36-0 with 30 knockouts and he knows how to finish a fight.

2. Garcia has superior ring IQ and is the more active fighter. Historically Broner starts fights very slow and is sparing with his punch output. Mikey knows that and also knows that Broner gets very uncomfortable when his opponent comes forward and presses the action a la Marcos Maidana, Shawn Porter, and Adrian Granados.

3. Adrien Broner is coming down in weight from 147 lbs. and Mikey Garcia is stepping up from 130 lbs to meet at 140 lbs. Mikey Garcia will carry his power up with the extra weight and Adrien Broner will lose a bit of his power by coming down in weight.

4. Adrien Broner has been inconsistent in his previous title performances. Given the legal distractions outside the ring and his less than impressive performances against Adrian Granados and Ashley Theophane, one has to wonder will Broner be able to step up and match the skill level of Mikey Garcia.

5. Although Broner is a more naturally gifted fighter, Mikey Garcia is a more skilled fighter and at the end of the day skill beats talent.

Tune into Showtime Championship Boxing on Saturday, July 29th to see Adrien Broner vs. Mikey Garcia or watch it live at Barclays Center.

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