The Truth Behind Why Pacquaio Keeps Fighting 

The fighting pride of the Philippines returns tomorrow night to take on unknown Australian challenger, Jeff Horn, live on ESPN at 9pm ET. This is the first time in a while that Manny Pacquiao has fought on a non-PPV card.

A couple of questions we need to address here about this fight:

1. Why is Manny continuing to fight each year, especially after he netted over $150m in hist previous bouts (inclusive of the one against Floyd Mayweather)?

2. Is Bob Arum still trying to cling onto Pacquiao and bleed him dry before he becomes obsolete?

3. Is Manny actually broke, given the number of people in his entourage and his political duties? is he still boxing to stay in the green?

Regardless, it doesn’t seem like Manny will retire anytime soon or has even indicated when he will do so. This in comparison to his then arch enemy, Floyd Mayweather, who seems to be living very comfortably and about to cash in on at least another $100mm against UFC top dog, Connor Mcgregor.

Sources close to us claim that Manny is not in great financial shape and also given that he is aging, he is not able to compete against the best welterweights in the division, hence this fight with unknown Jeff Horn. Would Manny stand a chance against the likes of Keith Thurman or Errol Spence? I highly doubt it, even Amir Khan, who has been inactive for a while, will probably get the better of him.

This could be the start of a mini-retirement tour for Manny where he will visit different countries fighting lesser opposition, but still make some meaningful money before he can call it day.

I would love to see Manny against one of the top welterweights but I doubt it will happen and every fight he has until he retires will just be purely business based. His rating will probably drop as well and I highly doubt that the American masses will tune in to watch his fights.

I hope Manny puts on a good display, otherwise his career might be over sooner rather than later.

The fight card starts on Saturday July 1st  at 9pm ET on ESPN.

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