The Money Fight or the Big Hype Job

What was once just a wild rumor has turned into a reality. The best boxer arguably ever, Floyd “Money” Mayweather against the younger, brash, cocky UFC superstar, Connor McGregor.

A battle of egos, big personas,  and different skill sets has become the next star studded sport event scheduled for this summer. A fight which needs no promotion, but will this be another anticlimax? Are the public being fooled by this event? Or will it be an epic battle that will be remembered for years to come?

It’s all smart business on both parts. McGregor has been using Mayweather’s name for the past two years to promote himself and increase his value. Given his performances have in most cases backed up his brash and cocky demeanor, he has quickly become the UFC’s cash cow.

Mayweather, on the other hand has been living life to the fullest since retiring — traveling the world and promoting his upcoming fighters through his boxing promotion label, Mayweather Promotions. Some question why Mayweather would take this fight – being 40 years old. Is it worth risking his record and ultimately his reputation against a hard hitting younger fighter? Secondly, is Mayweather in need of more money? Rumors have it that he lost a substantial amount of money and his promotional duties have not materialized. With only one decent fighter in his stable, his roster of fighters are far from becoming superstars, or arguably even stars.

For McGregor, he has hit the lottery, banking his biggest purse to date, and most likely for the remainder of his career. He is going into this fight with absolutely nothing to lose. Win or lose, he will pocket enough money to never have to fight again in the UFC. Instead, he can  focus on other initiatives like Hollywood movies.

An intriguing fight as it seems, whether one to be laughed at or even questioned, everybody will tune in to see the outcome. Fans will get to see if Money Mayweather still has it or if Connor McGregor is the next heir to being the Money Fighter in the game.

Check back to as we compile and compute all the fight stats from both of the fighters last few fights and based on this our predictive analysis on the outcome of the fight, along with general training highlights and all of pre-fight buildup. Check out Jeff Mayweather’s prediction below.